My first month as a councillor

It has been a lovely first month after winning the election in Hanover and Elm Grove. And, I have tried to keep the campaign energy going as I get to grips with being your Councillor.

11 July – Election night! Emma wins

Emma wins

18 July – My first full council meeting at Brighton and Hove City Council – issues on the agenda were safer crossing points around schools (raised by the public), there were also debates on impacts of potential taxi deregulation, teacher’s pay and the issues around performance related pay, frustrations over the delays to reopen the travellers’ transit site, protests and impacts on city business, and much more. Click the link to get webcast and papers if you want to know more and see the Council debate issues. 

As a result of the shift in balance of power we have extra seats on Committees. I have taken one of those and will sit on Environment, Transport and Sustainability as well as take my seat on the Community Safety Forum. I will be carrying out my induction on these areas over the next month or so. I hope to do some ‘back to the floor’ style learning to get a really three dimensional understanding of the services and decisions I will be involved with.

I have also begun to work hard to get to be stuck in at ward level –

Big Parenting Debate organised by Trust for Developing Communities 22nd July: This was a lovely event hosted at the Hanover Pub. We shared our experiences of being parents and what helps and what hinders with a researcher. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from the participants.

My first informal drop-in/ Surgery 26th July: I was keen to get started on making myself available to Ward residents and not let the campaign buzz wear off. We had a great few hours in The Hanover discussing: ASB and activities for teens, zero hours contracts (how ahead of the news were we!?) and student/ permanent resident relationships.

I attended the HEGLAT (Hanover and Elm Grove Local Action Team) on Monday 5th August. The issues that we discussed were:

  • Parking, those in attendance were keen to progress any research or action planning to create a parking zone which was truly bottom up in design
  • Communal bins – we agreed to do a survey of the pilot site streets
  • Street sweeping after black bags were collected – I took away an action point to see if this could be more sensibly aligned.
  • Party house issues were raised
  • Landlord contact details on houses in multiple occupation were raised 

Another highlight was marching with Labour colleagues in Pride


This is me with Cllr Chaun Wilson looking as happy as we felt!

So thanks for a great first month Hanover and Elm Grove

Cllr Emma




3 thoughts on “My first month as a councillor

  1. Hi Emma, congratulations on your election! The first few weeks are all a bit chaotic before you manage to establish your communications style and create your niche within your council. I have found my own blog invaluable in communicating with my electorate. I am sure that yours will help you a lot too – the key is regular updates, frankness and tackling controversial issues head on!

    best of luck and thanks for your observations about my blog.
    Claire Wright

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